Watermelon is the perfect treat for summer's hot and sultry weather. These little delights  are the perfect size to fit in small hands.   Watermelon pops are a snap to make effortlessly and are a pleasant, cool treat for the kids that won't heat up the kitchen!   For those of us with allergies, these pops, of course, have no dairy, gluten, soy, corn, nut, egg and yeast in them!

Equipment needed:
Star Cookie Cutters (or any other desired shape)
Popsicle sticks
Large Knife and cutting board
Blueberries (optional)

Simply slice the watermelon in 1 inch slices and cut out the desired star shapes.  Insert  the popsicle sticks in the bottom of the star.  When ready to serve, place the pops in a bowl of ice so the ice acts as a stand so that the pops don't fall over.  Scatter blueberries on top and around the watermelon pops.  Serve and enjoy.

Note: I was able to purchase the star cookie cutters at Super Wal-Mart in a set of four assorted sizes in the bakery section.  The popsicle sticks can be found at Wal-Mart in the craft section.   

What an adorable idea! I pinned it to Pinterest and will share them at SandwichINK later this week too. And what a cutie pie grandson ;) :) :) Definitely a chip off the old blocks :) Have a blessed week!!!

7/8/2012 06:24:30 am

Thanks tons, Kaye!!! I appreciate all your support!!! You are great as always!!!

7/17/2012 05:32:55 am

I love this idea! It is so cute and refreshing at the same time. I don't have any little ones, but anyone can enjoy this treat! Thanks for sharing!!

7/17/2012 11:47:17 am

LOVE this idea!! Would make such a fun party or classroom snack as well. Pinning it now!!


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